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updated notes on importing dev to local

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......@@ -49,6 +49,25 @@ when importing full_dump.sql, you must modify certain rows in the tables elggdat
that they pertain to the local elgg site instance. (so if you see something like, change it!)
** Notes on importing data for dev to local machine:
-ftp a copy of the database to your machine
scp unl_social_2010-04-22_00h10m.Thursday.sql
-import it
mysql -u username -p < /Path/To/unl_social_2010-04-22_00h10m.Thursday.sql
-Set the correct site url within the unl_social database:
mysql -u username -p
use unl_social;
UPDATE elggsites_entity SET url='' WHERE guid=1;
UPDATE elggdatalists SET value = '/Users/bbieber/Documents/workspace/UNL_Elgg/elgg/' WHERE name = 'path';
UPDATE elggdatalists SET value = '/Users/bbieber/Documents/workspace/UNL_Elgg/elgg_data/' WHERE name = 'dataroot';
-zip up elgg_data and ftp that
zip -r newfilename elgg_data
-replace your local copy of elgg_data with this one and make sure apache (could be _www or apache or ?) has write access to it
cd path/to/elgg_data
sudo chown -R _www *
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