Commit 79ea59da authored by Tim Steiner's avatar Tim Steiner
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Create a view helper for doing plain-text diffs. @0h20

parent 80e404a4
class Unl_View_Helper_TextDiff extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract
static protected $_diffRenderer;
public function textDiff($from, $to)
if ($from == $to) {
return $from;
if (!self::$_diffRenderer) {
self::$_diffRenderer = new Horde_Text_Diff_Renderer_Inline();
$diff = new Horde_Text_Diff('auto',
explode(' ', strtr($from, array("\n" => '*NEWLINE*'))),
explode(' ', strtr($to, array("\n" => '*NEWLINE*')))
$render = new Horde_Text_Diff_Renderer_Inline();
return strtr($render->render($diff), array('*NEWLINE*' => '<br/>'));
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