Commit ea29d649 authored by aknecht2's avatar aknecht2
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Added img2 to mapper, non-hist workflows should run fine...

parent 69682f07
......@@ -531,6 +531,7 @@ class ImageProcessor(Workflow):
for input in self.rawFiles[type]:
self._addFile(os.path.basename(input), type, "input", self.basepath + "/input/rawfiles/" + os.path.basename(input))
wh.write("img.log file://" + self.basepath + "/output/imgproc.log pool=\"local\"\n")
wh.write("img2.db file://" + self.basepath + "/output/img2.db pool=\"local\"\n")
wh.write("img3.db file://" + self.basepath + "/output/img3.db pool=\"local\"\n")
inputImages = [self.workflow["workflows"][type][0]["inputs"][i] for i,x in enumerate(conf.valid[self.workflow["workflows"][type][0]["executable"]]["inputs"]) if x == "image"]
outputImages = [self.workflow["workflows"][type][z]["outputs"][i] for z in range(0, len(self.workflow["workflows"][type])) for i,x in enumerate(conf.valid[self.workflow["workflows"][type][z]["executable"]]["outputs"]) if x == "image"]
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