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Fixed spacing in doctests.

parent fb8526be
......@@ -224,30 +224,25 @@ class Bee(Insect):
_count_ants_in_tunnel will count the number of Ants in the tunnel
starting at the Place given. For an empty tunnel, it will return zero:
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
But for an occupied tunnel it will return a positive count:
>>> a.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
And the count will include Ants anywhere in the tunnel:
>>> d.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
Note however that Ants before the given Place are not counted, even if
the tunnel could have started earlier:
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(b)
And that Ants past a branching point are not counted either:
>>> e0.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
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