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Finished preparing the codebase for the 2018 assignment.

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from __future__ import division
from copy import deepcopy
from random import choice, uniform
from copy import copy, deepcopy
from random import choice, shuffle, uniform
from enum import Enum
......@@ -195,12 +195,71 @@ class Bee(Insect):
super(Bee, self).__init__(UnitType.BEE, health, damage)
self.delay = delay
def _count_ants_in_tunnel(place):
# noinspection PyProtectedMember
Recursively count the number of Ants in place or in any of the Places
that follow after it up until the end of the tunnel.
Given a network of Places:
>>> a, b, c, d, e0, e1 = [ColonyPlace(i, i) for i in range(6)]
>>> a.connect_to(b)
>>> b.connect_to(c)
>>> c.connect_to(d)
>>> d.connect_to(e0)
>>> d.connect_to(e1)
a "tunnel" is a sequence of connected places up until a branching
point. So in this example the tunnel is (a, b, c, d) because after d
the network branches out to e0 and e1.
_count_ants_in_tunnel will count the number of Ants in the tunnel
starting at the Place given. For an empty tunnel, it will return zero:
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
But for an occupied tunnel it will return a positive count:
>>> a.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
And the count will include Ants anywhere in the tunnel:
>>> d.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
Note however that Ants before the given Place are not counted, even if
the tunnel could have started earlier:
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(b)
And that Ants past a branching point are not counted either:
>>> e0.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
>>> e1.add_insect(Ant(None, 0))
>>> Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel(a)
return 0 # stub
def fly(self):
Move from the Bee's current Place to a destination of that Place.
Move from the Bee's current Place to the destination of that Place. If
there are multiple destinations, choose whichever one is the entrance
to the least-defended tunnel. Break any remaining ties by choosing the
the first of the tying Places.
if len( > 0:
destination = choice(
destinations = copy(
destination = min(destinations, key=Bee._count_ants_in_tunnel)
......@@ -422,7 +481,6 @@ class GameState(object):
return [bee for place in self.places for bee in place.bees]
# noinspection PyMethodMayBeStatic
def place_ant(self, ant_archetype, place):
Make a player move to place an Ant based on the given archetype at the
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