Commit 146a4984 authored by Seth Meranda's avatar Seth Meranda
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remove the navigation, as it's not used the templated way.

parent 9ffb841e
......@@ -39,12 +39,8 @@ $page->doctitle = '<title>'.$vars['title'].'</title>';
$page->titlegraphic = '<h1><a href="'.$vars['config']->url.'" title="Planet Red Home">'.$vars['config']->sitename.'</a></h1>';
$page->head .= '<link rel="stylesheet" href="' . $vars['url'] .'_css/css.css?lastcache='.$vars['config']->lastcache.'>&amp;viewtype=mobile&view=mobile" type="text/css" />';
$page->maincontentarea = <<<END
<ul id="mobile_breadcrumbs">
<li class="parent_site"><a href=";u=" title="UNL Home">UNL</a></li>
<li class="current_site"><a href="#mobile_navigation">Planet Red</a></li>
$page->maincontentarea = "";
$page->maincontentarea .= elgg_view('page_elements/header_contents', $vars);
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