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# Contributing
This project follows the normal github workflow.
#Working on a feature or issue
## Working on a feature or issue
* Please make a fork of the repository if you do not already have one.
* Create a branch for the feature/issue with a name like `feature-x` or `issue-#`.
* Commit your changes to that branch.
#Planet Red
# Planet Red
Planet Red is UNL's implementation of elgg
#Directory Structure
## Directory Structure
* elgg - the elgg directory. Currently a submodule, checked out at 1.8.19
* vagrant - various vagrant boxes for development/testing. Use vagrant/dev/ for development
* plugins - Our custom plugins such as auth and themes that need to be symlinked. Keeping the plugins out of the elgg directory makes for easy upgrades.
## Setup
1. Initialize submodules by running `git submodule init` and then `gitsubmodule update`
##Using Vagrant
## Using Vagrant
For now, use the dev vagrant box at vagrant/dev/
1. `cd vagrant/dev/`
2. `vagrant up`
3. go to http://localhost:8005 to view the project
* implement the UNLedu Framework 4.0 theme at plugins/unl_theme
* implement UNL auth at plugins/cas_auth_unl
* make sure profile image routes still work
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