Commit 48d39df3 authored by Eric Rasmussen's avatar Eric Rasmussen
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[gh-390] Do case insensitive string comparisons for path, site name

parent a8ae2d0e
......@@ -271,16 +271,16 @@ function unl_sites_sort($rows, $order, $sort) {
* Comparison functions used in unl_sites_sort().
function unl_uri_cmp_asc($a, $b) {
return strcmp($a['uri'], $b['uri']);
return strcasecmp($a['uri'], $b['uri']);
function unl_uri_cmp_desc($a, $b) {
return strcmp($b['uri'], $a['uri']);
return strcasecmp($b['uri'], $a['uri']);
function unl_name_cmp_asc($a, $b) {
return strcmp($a['name'], $b['name']);
return strcasecmp($a['name'], $b['name']);
function unl_name_cmp_desc($a, $b) {
return strcmp($b['name'], $a['name']);
return strcasecmp($b['name'], $a['name']);
function unl_access_cmp_asc($a, $b) {
return strcmp($b['access'], $a['access']);
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