Commit 25962ac7 authored by Adam Caprez's avatar Adam Caprez
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Add input fastq's with a dummy site

With symlinking enabled, Pegasus will try to symlink the file
even though it's an http:// LFN, which doesn't work.  Add the file
with a different site name so Pegasus will download it properly.
parent 254841fa
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ class Workflow(object):
# For each fastq, have Pegasus do the http fetching.
# Files are named EXPID_ACCESSION.fastq.gz
output_name = "%s_%s.fastq.gz" % (run["experiment"], f["accession"])
self._add_file(output_name,"http://" + f["url"],"local")
self._add_file(output_name,"http://" + f["url"],"dummylocal")
def _add_align(self):
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