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title = "FAQ"
description = "HCC Frequently Asked Questions"
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- [I have an account, now what?](#i-have-an-account-now-what)
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Anyone affiliated with the Unveristy of Nebraska system can request an account on
and use HCC shared resources for free.
All HCC accounts are associated with an faculty-owned HCC group. Individuals interested
in requested an account under an established group will need to complete a [new user request](
How to create an account for HCC:
1. **Identify or Setup a Group:** All HCC accounts must be associated
with an HCC group. Usually, user's HCC group the research group owned by their advisor
but it may also be a class group owned by the course instructor. To establish a new
group, please complete a [new group request](
To establish a new group, please complete a [new group request](
2. **Request an Account:** All accounts must be associated with an HCC group.
Your group will usually be owned by your advisor, however, it could also be a
class group owned by your instructor. Once you know the group your account will
be associated with, please complete a [new user request](
Additional guides on basic account operations.
3. **Setup Two Factor Authentication:** Once your account has been approved, you will recieve an email
with login instructions. To finish activating your account, you will need to visit HCC
offices in person with your photo ID in order to [activate Two Factor Authentication]
({{< relref "" >}}).
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4. **Reset your Temporary Password:** To maintain the security of your account, please
[change your password]({{< relref "" >}}) as soon as
your account is active.
Once the above steps are complete, your account is now active and you are ready to
[connect to HCC resources]({{< ref "/connecting" >}}) and
[begin submitting jobs]({{< ref "/submitting_jobs" >}}). If you
have any questions or would like to setup a consultation meeting, please [contact us]
({{< ref "/contact_us" >}}).
title = "Anvil: HCC's Cloud"
description = "How to use Anvil, HCC's OpenStack-based cloud resource"
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- [Overview](#overview)
title = "Contact Us"
description = "HCC Contact Information"
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If you have questions, please contact us at
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