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How to connect to HCC resources
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**1. Create an Account:** The use of HCC resources requires an HCC account to be created. To create an account, follow the steps in [Creating an Account]({{< relref "/accounts/" >}}).
**2. Open a terminal or SSH client** Most interactions with HCC clusters are done through SSH and the command line. In MacOS, Linux, and recent versions of Windows 10, there is an SSH client built-in and can be used from their [respective terminals]({{< relref "" >}}). For older versions of Windows, an application such as [PuTTY]({{< relref "" >}}) or [MobaXterm]({{< relref "" >}}) is needed.
**3. Connect to an HCC cluster:** From the terminal or application, use SSH to connect to one of the available clusters. In the terminal, enter `ssh <username>` to connector to the Crane cluster, for example. With [PuTTY]({{< relref "" >}}) or [MobaXterm]({{< relref "" >}}), refer to their respective pages for a guide on how to connect
If you are not familiar with using command line Linux, check out these resources:
- [Basic Linux Commands]({{< relref "basic_linux_commands">}})
- [Software Carpentry Introduction to the Unix Shell Lesson](
[X11 forwarding]({{< relref "" >}}) allows the use of GUI applications remotely.
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