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Reformat the additional_buildings (unofficial) file to match all

This makes importing the two building files easier.
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Selleck Quadrangle,SELQ,City Campus
Memorial Stadium,MEMS,City Campus
Neihardt Residence Center,NRC,City Campus
University Park Apartments,UPAP,East Campus
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,SELQ,Selleck Quadrangle,600 N 15th,UNL-CITY,40.81897354,-96.6996994
,MEMS,Memorial Stadium,One Stadium Dr,UNL-CITY,40.82063293,-96.7056427
,NRC,Neihardt Residence Center,540 N 16th,UNL-CITY,40.81864996,-96.69756636
,UPAP,University Park Apartments,4300 Holdrege,UNL-EAST,40.828662,-96.660086
,NANO,Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center,855 N 16th,UNL-CITY,40.822531,-96.698655
,UNFCU,University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union,1720 P,UNL-LIN1,40.814937,-96.696392
,CTAP,Colonial Terrace,33rd & Starr Streets,UNL-EAST,40.827096,-96.674331
,VSAP,Vine Street Apartments,2222/2244 Vine,UNL-CITY,40.820978,-96.687799
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