Commit 4f949930 authored by Kevin Abel's avatar Kevin Abel
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Add the built database file to the Makefile

The application will build it if necessary, but we should save time by
doing in ahead of the first request.
parent 28a26cfa
SHELL := /bin/bash
CURL := curl
PHP := php
# NodeJS Find/Install
NODE_PATH = $(shell ./find-node-or-install)
......@@ -23,16 +24,27 @@ WDN_MIXINS := \
# Database related CSV
data/csv/all_buildings.csv \
data/csv/additional_buildings.csv \
data/csv/artists.csv \
data/csv/sculptures.csv \
# Built Files
CSS_OBJ = www/css/map.css
JS_OBJ = www/js/map.min.js
DB_OBJ = data/db/map.db
all: less js
all: less js db
less: $(CSS_OBJ)
js: $(JS_OBJ)
db: $(DB_OBJ)
rm -r $(NODE_DIR)
rm -r $(LESS_LIB)
......@@ -59,4 +71,7 @@ $(UGLIFYJS):
$(JS_OBJ): www/js/map.js $(UGLIFYJS)
$(UGLIFYJS) -c -m -o $@ -p 2 --source-map $(<).map --source-map-url $(<F).map $<
.PHONY: all less js clean
$(PHP) scripts/rebuildDatabase.php
.PHONY: all less js db clean
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