Commit 988ab0e8 authored by Kevin Abel's avatar Kevin Abel
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Add a class the filters out "unofficial" building markers.

Use that class to render the directory endpoint.
parent 6b67e862
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ class UNL_TourMap
'innovation' => 'UNL_TourMap_GoogleMap_Innovation',
'directory' => 'UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings',
'directory' => 'UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings_Official',
'buildings' => 'UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings',
'citybuildingmarkers' => 'UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings_CityCampus',
'eastbuildingmarkers' => 'UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings_EastCampus',
class UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings_Official extends UNL_TourMap_MarkerList_Buildings
public $title = 'Official Buildings';
public function accept()
if (!parent::accept()) {
return false;
$info = FilterIterator::current();
if (!$info['is_official']) {
return false;
return true;
<section class="wdn-band"><div class="wdn-inner-wrapper wdn-inner-padding-none" id="pointlist">
<h1>All Buildings</h1>
<section class="wdn-band">
<div class="wdn-inner-wrapper" id="pointlist">
<h1 class="clear-top wdn-center">All Buildings</h1>
<p>This list contains the official list of buildings and abbreviations. The building code/abbreviation is used
in class schedules as well as the <a href="">online directory</a>. Click a building name to view
its location on the campus maps.</p>
<?php echo $savvy->render($context, 'UNL/TourMap/MarkerList.tpl.php') ?>
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