Commit 4591c6a6 authored by Eric Rasmussen's avatar Eric Rasmussen
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[gh-417] convert FILE_ENTITY_DEFAULT_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS to the new variable
parent 7f36bd87
......@@ -107,6 +107,10 @@ In this example the web root is /Library/WebServer/Documents and Apache runs as
- Add 'uri callback' for file entities. See
* media/includes/
- Convert FILE_ENTITY_DEFAULT_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS to the new variable. See
* webform.module
- Make Safe Key values accessible via tokens. See Patch applied:
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ function media_variable_default($name = NULL) {
// Name of the theme to use in media popup dialogs, defaults to admin_theme
'dialog_theme' => '',
// @TODO: Make a configuration form with this.
'file_extensions' => FILE_ENTITY_DEFAULT_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS . ' mp3 mov mp4 m4a m4v mpeg avi ogg oga ogv wmv ico',
'file_extensions' => variable_get('file_entity_default_allowed_extensions', 'jpg jpeg gif png txt doc docx xls xlsx pdf ppt pptx pps ppsx odt ods odp') . ' mp3 mov mp4 m4a m4v mpeg avi ogg oga ogv wmv ico',
'max_filesize' => '',
'debug' => FALSE,
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