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Hard-coded footer links

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......@@ -141,9 +141,38 @@ if (isset($_GET['category'])) {
$page->maincontentarea .= '</div>';
$page->leftcollinks = file_get_contents('');
$page->contactinfo = file_get_contents('');
$page->footercontent = file_get_contents('');
$page->leftcollinks = '<h3>Related Links</h3>'.
'<div class="content">'.
'<h5 class="sec_main">Internal</h5>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Campus Recreation</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">University Health Center</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Environmental Health &amp; Safety</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Human Resources</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Emergency Planning &amp; Preparation</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Employee Assistance Program</a></li>'.
'<h5 class="sec_main">External</h5>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Nutrition Videos, Recipes &amp; Tips</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Log Dietary Intake</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Mind/Body</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Men\'s Health</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Women\'s Health</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Professional Easy Step-by-Step Exercise Plan</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">BMI calculator, Free Exercise log, Cost of Smoking Calculator, etc.</a></li>'.
'<li><a target="_blank" href="">Free, Interactive, Financial Literacy Online Courses</a></li>'.
'</ul> </div>';
$page->contactinfo = '<h3>Contact Us</h3>'.
'<div class="content">
' <p style="padding:3px; border-bottom:2px #FFF solid;"><strong style="color:#333;"> Kim Barrett</strong><br />Fitness and Wellness<br />'.
'<span style="font-size:95%; margin-left:10px;">University of Nebraska-Lincoln</span><br />'.
'<span style="font-size:95%; margin-left:10px;">Campus Recreation</span><br />'.
'<span style="font-size:95%; margin-left:10px;">55 CREC Lincoln NE 68588-0232</span><br />'.
'(402)472-9480 | <a href="">email</a></p> </div>';
$page->footercontent = '&copy; 2010 University of Nebraska&ndash;Lincoln | Lincoln, NE 68588 | 402-472-7211 | <a href="" title="Click here to know more about UNL">About UNL</a> | <a href="" title="Click here to direct your comments and questions">comments?</a><br />'.
'UNL is an equal opportunity employer with a comprehensive plan for diversity. Find out more: <a href="" target="_blank" title="Employment at UNL"></a><br />'.
'<p style="margin:0.5em 0 -1.4em 0">This site produced and maintained by <a href="" title="go to the University Communications Internet and Interactive media website">University Communications Internet and Interactive Media</a></p>';
if (isset($_GET['format'])) {
echo $page->maincontentarea;
} else {
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