Commit c4f228ee authored by Brady James Garvin's avatar Brady James Garvin
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Resolved issues with stylelint argument quoting on Windows.

parent c4f06ac9
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"generate:game:two-player": "generate-boost-game > ./src/games/twoPlayer.js",
"generate": "run-p generate:**",
"prelint": "run-s generate",
"lint:css": "stylelint '**/*.css' '**/*.module.css' '!coverage/**'",
"lint:css": "stylelint \"**/*.css\" \"**/*.module.css\" \"!coverage/**\"",
"lint:js": "eslint --max-warnings 0 ./src",
"lint": "run-s --continue-on-error lint:**",
"pretest-once": "run-s generate",
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