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How to set up UNL_Elgg:
** How to set up UNL_Elgg:
Sym-link elgg/mod/unl_theme=>unl_theme
Create a database named unl_social
Import the full_dump.sql file*
......@@ -21,11 +23,20 @@ Make sure the local site has an updated copy of the templatedependents
*Notes on importing data:
** Notes on importing data:
full_dump.sql is is full copy of the mysql database that must be modified upon import.
safe_dump.sql can be imported without the need for modification
when importing full_dump.sql, you must modify certain rows in the tables elggdatalists and elggsites_entity so
that they pertain to the local elgg site instance. (so if you see something like, change it!)
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** Changes made to the Elgg engine for UNL's implementation (outside of the mod dir)
-Added /elgg/account/getemail.php
-Altered /elgg/engine/lib/users.php to bar registration of accounts starting with "unl_"
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