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How to set up UNL_Elgg
How to set up UNL_Elgg:
Sym-link elgg/mod/unl_theme=>unl_theme
Enable the unl_theme plugin.
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Create a database named unl_social
Import the stable_dump.sql file
mysql -u root unl_social < stable_dump.sql
Browse to the elgg directory in your web browser.
Create the local elgg/.htaccess file using the sample on the install page
Be sure to set the correct RewriteBase /~bbieber/UNL_Elgg/elgg/ for example.
Create the local elgg/engine/settings.php file.
Be sure to specify unl_social as the database name
Install the UNL_Templates pear packages
pear channel-discover && pear install unl/UNL_Templates-beta
Set the correct site url within the database:
UPDATE elggsites_entity SET url='http://localhost/~bbieber/UNL_Elgg/elgg/' WHERE guid=1;
Make sure the local site has an updated copy of the templatedependents
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