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Welcome to the UNL Resource Scheduler.
UNL Resource Scheduler
UNL Resource Scheduler is a web app developed around managing timed reservations for various campus resources. This app was initially created for the Nebraska Innovation Studio, and then expanded and generalized to be able to be used by all departments at UNL. New features are in development and feature and bugfix requests will usually be attended to quickly.
Using local resources
1. Get the right ruby on your machine. UNL Resource Scheduler currently runs on Ruby 2.2.3. Get RVM on your machine with `\curl -sSL | bash`.
2. Now using RVM, install the ruby with `rvm install 2.2.3`.
3. You probably do not have the `bundler` gem. Check with `bundle`. If not, install it with `gem install bundler`.
4. In the project root, install the gems using `bundle install`.
5. Create a mysql database you'd like to use, you can typically use one on your computer. `brew install mysql` if necessary.
6. `config/config.json` is a committed file, and a template for the configuration. Create a copy in the same directoy named `server.json` and edit it to match your database.
7. Your database is currently blank. Run the migrations from the root of the project using `rake migrate` to bring in all the tables and columns.
8. Install the WDN Framework into the `public/wdn` directory...see [WDN Documentation](
9. Start the server by going to the root directory and doing `bundle exec shotgun -o -p 9292`. This launches the server on localhost port 9292, listening everywhere (you can use your or whichever), and the server will automatically update to new code. If you add gems to the bundle, you will need to re-execute this command.
10. Navigate to `localhost:9292/` or similar and begin!
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