Commit ab73a401 authored by Jeff Sturek's avatar Jeff Sturek
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Merge branch 'fixes-part-3' into 'master'

Tweak wdn_tabs

See merge request dxg/unl-resource-scheduler!23
parents e0726806 5f9ecf4e
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......@@ -589,14 +589,14 @@ {
.wdn_tabs>li {
background-color: var(--bg-tab) !important;
background-color: var(--bg-light-gray);
.selected {
background-color: var(--bg-tab-selected) !important;
background-color: var(--bg-tab-selected);
.wdn_tabs_content {
background-color: var(--bg-tabs-panel) !important;
border-color: var(--b-tab) !important;
background-color: var(--bg-tabs-panel);
border-color: var(--b-tab);
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