Commit 0eec55b9 authored by Brett Bieber's avatar Brett Bieber
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Trim out h1 element from the sites still in the old template

parent 33d17ac8
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ if (isset($_GET['u']) //u is referring site
$page->head .= '<link rel="home" href="'.htmlentities($_GET['u'], ENT_QUOTES).'" />';
$page->breadcrumbs = $purifier->purify(UNL_Search::removeRelativePaths($scanned->breadcrumbs, $_GET['u']));
$page->titlegraphic = $purifier->purify($scanned->titlegraphic);
$page->titlegraphic = $purifier->purify(str_replace(array('<h1>', '</h1>'), '',$scanned->titlegraphic));
$page->navlinks = $purifier->purify(UNL_Search::removeRelativePaths($scanned->navlinks, $_GET['u']));
if (!empty($scanned->leftcollinks)) {
$page->leftcollinks = $purifier->purify($scanned->leftcollinks);
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