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title = "Install and Running Matlab CobraToolbox"
description = "How to install and run Matlab CobraToolbox"
## This document provides the steps to install and run MATLAB CobraToolbox in the cluster.
After logging into the cluster, load the requierd GIT module.
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ module load git/2.22
{{< /highlight >}}
Download Cobra toolbox in your local $WORK directory by using the following command
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ git clone --depth=1 cobratoolbox
{{< /highlight >}}
After the download been finished, a directory named "cobratoolbox" should be created in your WORK directory.
Enter the directory "cobratoolbox" using the following command
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ cd cobratoolbox
{{< /highlight >}}
Then run the following command for uploading the required modules for cobratoolbox
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ git submodule update --init
{{< /highlight >}}
Then run Matlab using the following command
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ matlab
{{< /highlight >}}
Finally run the following command to test CobraToolbox using the following Matlab command
>> initCobraToolbox
NOTE: you need to install CobraToolbox under your WORK directory NOT HOME directory. Because HOME directories are read-only from the compute nodes.
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