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6. After logging in, a new explorer window will appear and you will be in your personal directory. You can transfer files or directories by dragging and dropping them to or from your local machine into the window.
{{< figure src="/images/30442927.png" class="img-border" height="450" >}}
### Using the iRODS CLI tools from Crane/Rhino
The iRODS icommand tools are available on Crane and Rhino to use for data transfer to/from the clusters.
They first require creating a small json configuration file. Create a directory named `~/.irods` first by running
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ mkdir -p ~/.irods
{{< /highlight >}}
Next, save the following JSON snippet in a file called `~/.irods/irods_environment.json`:
{{% panel header="`irods_environment.json`"%}}
{{< highlight json >}}
"irods_host": "",
"irods_port": 1247,
"irods_user_name": "<USERNAME>",
"irods_zone_name": "CB3",
"irods_encryption_key_size": 32,
"irods_encryption_num_hash_rounds": 16,
"irods_encryption_salt_size": 8,
"irods_client_server_policy": "CS_NEG_REQUIRE",
"irods_authentication_scheme": "PAM"
{{< /highlight >}}
{{% /panel %}}
Be sure to **replace the \<USERNAME\> placeholder with your UNL username**.
Load the irods module and run the `iinit` command to login to iRODS, entering your **UNL password** when prompted:
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ module load irods
$ iinit
Enter your current PAM password:
{{< /highlight >}}
If no errors are printed then the login was successful. Run the `ils` command as a test. You should see the contents of your
iRODS home folder.
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ ils
{{< /highlight >}}
You can now use the iRODS transfer commands such as `iget`, `iput`, `irsync`, etc. to transfer data. A full list of the
iRODS user commands is listed [here](
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