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Add quickstart text for HCC AC.

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......@@ -9,6 +9,16 @@ To submit an acknowledgement and receive the credit, please use the form
{{% /notice %}}
{{% notice info %}}
The following text provides a detailed description of how the Acknowledgment Credit works.
As a quickstart, add the line
`#SBATCH --qos=ac_<group>`
to your submit script, replacing `<group>` with your group name. Run the `hcc-ac` program to check the remaining balance.
{{% /notice %}}
### What is HCC Acknowledgment Credit?
Whenever a group acknowledges using HCC resources as part of their
......@@ -72,9 +82,8 @@ Column description of the hcc-ac utility
| MEMx4GB time | Time remaining for 4GB of memory |
| per-CPU AvgMEM | The per-CPU average memory size available for the CPU time remaining in the qos.  If CPU time is consumed faster than memory time, this value will increase.  If memory time is consumed faster than CPU time, this value will decrease. |
##### Example of how to use the awarded time for the 'demo' group.
### Example of how to use the awarded time for the 'demo' group.
The awarded time is reduced down to 10 minutes to show consumption
changes with differing job resource requirements:
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