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- [I am trying to run a job but nothing happens?](#i-am-trying-to-run-a-job-but-nothing-happens)
- [I keep getting the error "slurmstepd: error: Exceeded step memory limit at some point." What does this mean and how do I fix it?](#i-keep-getting-the-error-slurmstepd-error-exceeded-step-memory-limit-at-some-point-what-does-this-mean-and-how-do-i-fix-it)
- [I want to talk to a human about my problem. Can I do that?](#i-want-to-talk-to-a-human-about-my-problem-can-i-do-that)
- [My submitted job takes long time waiting in the queue or it is not running?](#my-submitted-job-taked-long-time-waiting-in-the-queue-or-it-is-not-running)
......@@ -172,3 +173,8 @@ staff would be happy to help you with whatever problem or question you
have.  Alternatively, you can drop one of us a line and we'll arrange a
time to meet: [Contact Us](
#### My submitted job takes long time waiting in the queue or it is not running ?
If your submitted jobs are taking long time waiting in the queue, that usually meand your account is over-utilizing and your fairshare score is low, this might be due submitting big number of jobs over the past period of time; and/or the amount of resources (memory, time) you requested for your job is big.
For additional details on how to monitor usage on jobs, check out the documentation on [Monitoring Queued Jobs]([Monitoring Jobs]({{< relref "monitoring_jobs" >}}).
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