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description = "How to install R packages on HCC resources."
{{% panel theme="danger" header="**R Package Installation Best Practices**" %}}The preferred way to install R packages is using the [Anaconda Package Manager]({{< relref "using_anaconda_package_manager" >}}), which allows users to create custom software environments. Unlike the R installer, Anaconda automatically resolves even external compatibility/dependency issues, and is therefore a better choice for many applications. The instructions are provided here as a reference and for use when a particular R package is not available via conda. In those cases, we recommend using conda first to install any needed external dependencies or other R packages, then install the desired package within R.{{% /panel %}}
Many commonly used R packages are included in the base R installation available on HCC clusters,
such as `tidyverse` and `stringr`. However, users are able to install other packages in their
user libraries.
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