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# Contributing
At HCC, we welcome contributions of all kinds:
Our users have a wonderful perspective into our documentation that our staff do not.
It's easy for people who have been using it for a while
to forget how impenetrable some of this material can be. As such, we
greatly welcome feedback and contributions of all kinds:
suggested changes,
fixes to existing material,
and bug reports are all welcome.
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but do not know how to use Git,
you can report problems or suggest improvements by [creating an issue][issues].
This allows us to assign the item to someone
and to respond to it in a threaded discussion.
and to respond to it in a threaded discussion. Detailed information on creating
issues can be found in the [GitLab Documentation](
3. If you are comfortable with Git,
and would like to add or change material,
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## What to Contribute
There are many ways to contribute,
from writing new exercises and improving existing ones
to updating or filling in the documentation
and and submitting [bug reports][issues]
from contributing additional documentation topics or submitting software specific job examples,
to updating or adding to existing documentation and submitting [bug reports][issues]
about things that don't work, aren't clear, or are missing.
If you are looking for ideas,
please see [the list of issues for this repository][issues],
or the issues for [Data Carpentry][dc-issues]
and [Software Carpentry][swc-issues] projects.
Comments on issues and reviews of pull requests are just as welcome:
we are smarter together than we are on our own.
Reviews from novices and newcomers are particularly valuable:
it's easy for people who have been using these lessons for a while
to forget how impenetrable some of this material can be,
so fresh eyes are always welcome.
## Using GitLab
Include instructions on forking and submitting a PR
The best way to submit proposed changes is:
1. Create a fork of the HCC docs repository.
- [Documentation on how to fork a project](
2. Clone your forked repository and commit changes.
- [Details on setting up a Hugo environment on your personal machine](
3. Submit a merge request between your fork and the main HCC docs repository.
- [How to submit a merge request](
## Other Resources
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