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Add a blurb about /common's compression capability and reported space.

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......@@ -65,4 +65,23 @@ to quickly do maintenance on a single cluster without having to unmount
for each cluster.
- If you use  `module` things should be just fine!
### /common and used space reporting ###
The /common file system has the capability to compress files so they store
less data on the underlying disk storage. Tools like `du` will report the
true amount of space consumed by files by default. If the files have been
compressed before being stored to disk, the report will appear smaller
than what may be expected. Passing the `--apparent-size` argument to
`du` will cause the report to be the uncompressed size of consumed space.
{{< highlight bash >}}
$ pwd
$ python -c 'print "Hello World!\n" * 2**20,' > hello_world.txt
$ ls -lh hello_world.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 demo01 demo 13M Mar 7 12:55 hello_world.txt
$ du -sh hello_world.txt
2.0K hello_world.txt
$ du -sh --apparent-size hello_world.txt
13M hello_world.txt
{{< /highlight >}}
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