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2FA is 2FA until it is not

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......@@ -62,8 +62,17 @@ There is the option to use your own choice of editor already installed on your l
{{< figure src="/images/moba/editor.png" height="450" >}}
In the example above, Notepad++ is used as the choice editor. Once the editor is selected, it becomes the default editor for double clicking files and editing.
### Using an SFTP Session
**Generating SSH Keys**
With HCC Clusters, MobaXterm requires an additional option to be marked to allow SFTP sessions to properly work. MobaXterm will still prompt you for DUO authentication, but will not properly work unless the `2-Steps Authentication` checkbox is enabled in your session settings
To accomplish this, go to the `Advanced Sftp Settings` when creating a new SFTP session and select `2-Steps Authentication`
{{< figure src="/images/moba/MobaXTermSFTP2FA.png" height="450" >}}
### Generating SSH Keys
With Anvil, you will need to generate SSH keys in order to access your instances. These are able to be generated in MobaXterm.
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