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title = "Available Software for Tusker"
description = "List of available software for"
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{{% notice tip %}}
HCC provides some software packages via the Singularity container
software. If you do not see a desired package in the module list below,
please check the [Using Singularity]({{< relref "using_singularity" >}})
page for the software list there.
{{% /notice %}}
{{% panel theme="warning" header="Module prerequisites" %}}
If a module lists one or more prerequisites, the prerequisite module(s)
must be loaded before or along with, that module.
For example, the `cdo/2.1` modules requires `compiler/pgi/13.` To load
the cdo module, doing either
`module load compiler/pgi/13`
`module load cdo/2.1`
`module load compiler/pgi/13 cdo/2.1` (Note the prerequisite module
**must** be first.)
is acceptable.
{{% /panel %}}
{{% panel theme="info" header="Multiple versions" %}}
Some packages list multiple compilers for prerequisites. This means that
the package has been built with each version of the compilers listed.
{{% /panel %}}
{{< table url="" >}}
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