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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ This guide covers the following HCC OnDemand topics and functions:
- [Managing and Transferring Files]({{< relref "managing_and_transferring_files" >}})
- [Job Management and Submission]({{< relref "job_management_and_submission" >}})
- [Shell Access]({{< relref "shell_access" >}})
- [Virtual Desktop and Jupyter Notebooks]({{< relref "virtual_desktop_and_interactive_apps" >}})
- [Virtual Desktop and Interactive Apps]({{< relref "virtual_desktop_and_interactive_apps" >}})
*Open OnDemand was developed at the Ohio Supercomputer Center and is funded by the National Science Foundation. For more information about the Open OnDemand project, please visit their [website](*
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