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Update anyconnect info for HCC's hosting.

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......@@ -14,16 +14,15 @@ connect to the Anvil VPN service.
### Installing software for your PC
If you've connected to NU's VPN previously, you should already have the
Cisco AnyConnect client installed.
{{% notice info %}}
The Cisco AnyConnect client is available at [this link](
{{% /notice %}}
_Please note you will be required to sign in using your HCC credentials in order to download the software._
To install the Cisco AnyConnect client, go to and sign in with your NUID and associated password.
You will be asked to authenticate with DUO for TrueYou. If you do not have DUO setup for TrueYou UNL ITS has [instructions]( provided on how to set it up.
After login, you will be directed to a page where you can download the Cisco AnyConnect client.
After signing in, download the package appropriate for your operating system and run the installer.
Otherwise, we recommend the [OpenConnect VPN client](
Alternatively, you may use the freely available [OpenConnect VPN client](
#### Connecting with the Cisco client
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