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Fix formatting weirdness due to different Hugo versions.

See merge request !225
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......@@ -57,11 +57,12 @@ export POSTGRES_USER=$USER
export POSTGRES_DB=mydb
export PGDATA=$POSTGRES_HOME/db/data
export POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS="\-\-data-checksums"
export POSTGRES_PORT=$(shuf -i 2000-65000 -n 1)
export POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS="--data-checksums"
export POSTGRES_PORT=$(shuf -i 2000-65000 -n 1)
echo "Postgres server running on $(hostname) on port $POSTGRES_PORT"
echo "This job started at $(date +%Y-%m-%dT%T)"
echo "This job will end at $(squeue \-\-noheader -j $SLURM_JOBID -o %e) (in $(squeue \-\-noheader -j $SLURM_JOBID -o %L))"
echo "This job will end at $(squeue --noheader -j $SLURM_JOBID -o %e) (in $(squeue --noheader -j $SLURM_JOBID -o %L))"
module load singularity
exec singularity run -B $POSTGRES_HOME/db:/var/lib/postgresql -B $POSTGRES_HOME/run:/var/run/postgresql docker://postgres:11 -c "port=$POSTGRES_PORT"
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