Commit b5a56c26 authored by Adam Caprez's avatar Adam Caprez Committed by Carrie A Brown
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Clarify use of gres flag for GPU images.

Resolves #18.
parent e0c0f851
......@@ -142,10 +142,17 @@ the `tensorflow-gpu` image and need the packages `nibabel` and `tables`.
{{% panel theme="info" header="Run an interactive SLURM job" %}}
{{< highlight bash >}}
srun --pty --mem=4gb --qos=short $SHELL
srun --pty --mem=4gb --qos=short --gres=gpu --partition=gpu $SHELL
{{< /highlight >}}
{{% /panel %}}
{{% notice info %}}
The `--gres=gpu --partition=gpu` options are used here as the `tensorflow-gpu` image is
GPU enabled. If you are using a non-GPU image, you may omit those options. See the page
on [submitting GPU jobs]({{< relref "/guides/submitting_jobs/submitting_cuda_or_openacc_jobs/" >}})
for more information.
{{% /notice %}}
After the job starts, the prompt will change to indicate you're on a
worker node.  Next, start an interactive session in the container.
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