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Add FAQ entry for HCC public subnets.

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- [I am trying to run a job but nothing happens?](#i-am-trying-to-run-a-job-but-nothing-happens)
- [I keep getting the error "slurmstepd: error: Exceeded step memory limit at some point." What does this mean and how do I fix it?](#i-keep-getting-the-error-slurmstepd-error-exceeded-step-memory-limit-at-some-point-what-does-this-mean-and-how-do-i-fix-it)
- [I want to talk to a human about my problem. Can I do that?](#i-want-to-talk-to-a-human-about-my-problem-can-i-do-that)
- [My submitted job takes long time waiting in the queue or it is not running?](#my-submitted-job-taked-long-time-waiting-in-the-queue-or-it-is-not-running)
- [My submitted job takes long time waiting in the queue or it is not running?](#my-submitted-job-takes-long-time-waiting-in-the-queue-or-it-is-not-running)
- [What IP's do I use to allow connections to/from HCC resources?](#what-ip-s-do-i-use-to-allow-connections-to-from-hcc-resources)
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If your submitted jobs are taking long time waiting in the queue, that usually means your account is over-utilizing and your fairshare score is low, this might be due submitting big number of jobs over the past period of time; and/or the amount of resources (memory, time) you requested for your job is big.
For additional details on how to monitor usage on jobs, check out the documentation on [Monitoring queued Jobs]({{< relref "monitoring_jobs" >}}).
#### What IP's do I use to allow connections to/from HCC resources?
Under normal circumstances no special network permissions are needed to access HCC resources. Occasionally, it may be necessary to whitelist the public IP
addresses HCC utilizes. Most often this is needed to allow incoming connections for an external-to-HCC license server, but may also be required
if your local network blocks outgoing connections. To allow HCC IP's, add the following ranges to the whitelist:
{{< highlight batch >}}
{{< /highlight >}}
If you are unsure on how to do this, contact your local IT support staff for assistance.
For additional questions or issues with this, please [Contact Us](
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