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title = "Available Software for Rhino"
description = "List of available software for"
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{{% notice tip %}}
HCC provides some software packages via the Singularity container
software. If you do not see a desired package in the module list below,
please check the [Using Singularity]({{< relref "using_singularity" >}})
page for the software list there.
{{% /notice %}}
{{% panel theme="warning" header="Module prerequisites" %}}
If a module lists one or more prerequisites, the prerequisite module(s)
must be loaded before or along with, that module.
For example, the `cdo/2.1` modules requires `compiler/pgi/13.` To load
the cdo module, doing either
`module load compiler/pgi/13`
`module load cdo/2.1`
`module load compiler/pgi/13 cdo/2.1` (Note the prerequisite module
**must** be first.)
is acceptable.
{{% /panel %}}
{{% panel theme="info" header="Multiple versions" %}}
Some packages list multiple compilers for prerequisites. This means that
the package has been built with each version of the compilers listed.
{{% /panel %}}
{{% panel theme="warning" header="Custom GPU Anaconda Environment" %}}
If you are using custom GPU Anaconda Environment, the only module you need to load is `anaconda`:
`module load anaconda`
{{% /panel %}}
{{< table url="" >}}
title = "Partitions"
description = "Listing of partitions on Crane."
description = "Listing of partitions on Crane and Rhino."
scripts = ["", "","","/js/sort-table.js"]
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Partitions are used in Crane to distinguish different
Partitions are used on Crane and Rhino to distinguish different
resources. You can view the partitions with the command `sinfo`.
### Crane:
[Full list for Crane]({{< relref "crane_available_partitions" >}})
### Rhino:
[Full list for Rhino]({{< relref "rhino_available_partitions" >}})
#### Priority for short jobs
To run short jobs for testing and development work, a job can specify a
......@@ -33,7 +37,7 @@ priority so it will run as soon as possible.
Overall limitations of maximum job wall time. CPUs, etc. are set for
all jobs with the default setting (when thea "–qos=" section is omitted)
and "short" jobs (described as above) on Crane.
and "short" jobs (described as above) on Crane and Rhino.
The limitations are shown in the following form.
| | SLURM Specification | Max Job Run Time | Max CPUs per User | Max Jobs per User |
......@@ -59,7 +63,7 @@ contact {{< icon name="envelope" >}}[] (mailto:hcc-support@un
### Guest Partition
The `guest` partition can be used by users and groups that do not own
dedicated resources on Crane.  Jobs running in the `guest` partition
dedicated resources on Crane or Rhino.  Jobs running in the `guest` partition
will run on the owned resources with Intel OPA interconnect.  The jobs
are preempted when the resources are needed by the resource owners and
are restarted on another node.
title = "Available Partitions for Rhino"
description = "List of available partitions for"
scripts = ["", "","","/js/sort-table.js"]
css = ["","", "",""]
### Rhino:
{{< table url="" >}}
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