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The graduate bulletin hosts the graduate studies catalog of courses, department information, and graduate study policy information within a web interface. Textual data for the site is stored within a mediawiki instance, course data is stored in a relational database. Policy information is updated by graduate studies employees through the mediawiki edit interfaces. Course data is updated by the publications editor through a web interface. Minor maintenance tasks are handled by a web developer with direct access to the database.
This website serves as a grad/undergrad agnostic homepage to the UNL Bulletins
Brett Bieber
Judy Anderson (Editor)
Jane Schneider (Grad Studies liaison & project lead)
Barbara Brennan (Grad Studies liaison)
Brett Bieber (Web Developer)
Web Address(es):
alias -
alias -
Server Information:
Web Server:
......@@ -21,13 +15,10 @@ Web Server:
Location - Basement WSEC
Datasource Name - mysql://
Server Admin - Brett Bieber
SQLite Database from the Course XML data retrieved from
Source Code:
Git - [IS]
Server Admin - Jim Goodwin [IS]
Location - Basement WSEC
Git - [IS]
......@@ -36,14 +27,12 @@ Software:
Maintenance Tasks:
Log In to Database:
SSH to ucommsrv, run mysql -u ...
Update course snapshot:
php scripts/update_course_data.php
copy config.sample.php to
set the correct user name and password to the database
copy www/sample.htaccess to www/.htaccess
correct paths as necessary
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