Commit a365eeaf authored by Kevin Abel's avatar Kevin Abel
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Markup adjustments for better embed experience

Add a class when no local search is done.
Remove classes/divs not needed in embed.
parent 9c54e929
<section class="wdn-band" id="search_wrapper">
<div class="<?php if (!$isEmbed): ?>wdn-inner-wrapper wdn-inner-padding-sm<?php endif; ?>">
<section<?php if (!$isEmbed): ?> class="wdn-band"<?php endif ?> id="search_wrapper">
<?php if (!$isEmbed): ?>
<div class="wdn-inner-wrapper wdn-inner-padding-sm">
<?php endif; ?>
<div class="wdn-grid-set search-set">
<div id="search_results" class="results-group">
<div class="result-head">
<h2>UNL Web</h2>
<ul class="result-tab">
<ul class="result-tab<?php if (empty($local_results)): ?> no-local<?php endif; ?>">
<?php if (!empty($local_results)): ?>
<li><a href="#">This unit</a></li>
<?php endif; ?>
......@@ -35,5 +37,7 @@
<?php if (!$isEmbed): ?>
<?php endif; ?>
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