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Implement a bus daemon

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description " bus location proxy"
author ""
# used to be: start on startup
# until we found some mounts weren't ready yet while booting:
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [06]
# Automatically Respawn:
respawn limit 15 5
#configure the path
exec php /var/www/html/scripts/bus-daemon.php >> /var/log/bus_daemon.log 2>&1
end script
post-start script
# Optionally put a script here that will notify you node has (re)started
end script
\ No newline at end of file
* This daemon runs the bus proxy script every second to generate the json file.
* This is helpful for when the server is under heavy load to ensure that the script is only ever ran once every second.
* If you use this daemon, be sure that busproxy.php is aliased in apache to serve bus.json.
$project_root = dirname(__DIR__);
while(true) {
$result = shell_exec("php $project_root/www/busproxy.php");
$url = ',139&lastVehicleHttpRequestTime=0';
$file = 'bus.json';
$file = __DIR__ . '/bus.json';
$seconds_to_cache = 1;
if (!file_exists($file) || time() - $seconds_to_cache >= filemtime($file)) {
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