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7. Your database is currently blank. Run the migrations from the root of the project using `rake migrate` to bring in all the tables and columns.
8. Install the WDN Framework into the `public/wdn` directory...see [WDN Documentation](
9. Start the server by going to the root directory and doing `bundle exec shotgun -o -p 9292`. This launches the server on localhost port 9292, listening everywhere (you can use your or whichever), and the server will automatically update to new code. If you add gems to the bundle, you will need to re-execute this command.
10. Navigate to `localhost:9292/` or similar and begin!
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10. Navigate to `localhost:9292/` or similar and begin!
Quick Tutorial
1. Service spaces refer to different silos of the University that will utilize resources. E.g. the math department, the Honors program, or University Communications.
2. Super Admins of a space can do anything, including giving others access and privileges to the space.
3. Resources are created, and then may be reserved by anyone who has the User Access privilege in the space.
4. Events *may* include a resource reservation but do not have to.
5. Admins with the right privilege can set the *hours* of the space, which indicate when reservations can be made.
6. The agenda is a quick overview of the day for Admins to look at.
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