Commit 36d7a304 authored by Jeff Sturek's avatar Jeff Sturek
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Add deprecated CSS

parent ad8709e5
......@@ -58,6 +58,10 @@ if ($isEmbed && $_GET['embed'] === '1') {
$page->doctitle = '<title>Search | University of Nebraska&ndash;Lincoln</title>';
$page->head .= '<link rel="home" href="./" />';
// Add WDN Deprecated Styles
$page->head .= '<link rel="preload" href="" as="style" onload="this.onload=null;this.rel=\'stylesheet\'"> <noscript><link rel="stylesheet" href=""></noscript>';
// no menu items, so hide mobile menu
$page->addStyleDeclaration("#dcf-mobile-toggle-menu {display: none!important}");
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