Commit d5034a09 authored by Michael Fairchild's avatar Michael Fairchild
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Fix the local-footer.tpl.php

parent 630115f8
......@@ -8,13 +8,7 @@
<div class="bp960-wdn-col-one-half">
<div class="wdn-footer-module">
<span role="heading" class="wdn-footer-heading">About UNL Search</span>
if ($file = @file_get_contents(UNL_Search::getProjectRoot() . '/tmp/iim-app-footer.html')) {
echo $file;
} else {
echo file_get_contents('');
<p>This application is developed and maintained by <a href="">Internet and Interactive Media</a> (IIM), which is a partnership with University Communication and Information Technology Services.</p>
<div class="bp960-wdn-col-one-fourth">
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