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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Materials
Etherpad: no longer supported
Software Carpentry
Lessons: <a href="" class="external-link"></a>
Lessons: [](
Slides for Thursday intro:
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Where:  NIC Food Innovation Campus room 277
             1901 N. 21st St., Lincoln, 68588
<a href="" class="external-link">Details and Agenda</a>
[Details and Agenda](
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Slides for morning
introduction: [QIIME\_2016\_intro.pdf](
Software Carpentry Unix Shell
Lessons: <a href="" class="external-link"></a>
Lessons: [](
Slides for HCC
Overview: [2016\_Qiime.pdf](
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ QIIME
slides: [QIIME\_Talk\_Oct20.pdf](
tutorial: <a href="" class="external-link"></a><a href="" class="external-link"></a>
tutorial: [](
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ tutorial: <a href="" class="ext
1. To participate in this workshop, you will need to
<a href="" class="external-link">sign up for an HCC account</a>
[sign up for an HCC account](
(if you do not already have one). Please complete the account
application and [DUO two-factor authentication
......@@ -55,17 +55,17 @@ tutorial: <a href="" class="ext
and [Mac/Linux
If you have any problems logging in, please email us at
<a href="" class="external-link"></a>.
3. On Thursday we will be demonstrating how to transfer files using
Globus Connect. Before arriving at the workshop, please log in to
<a href="" class="external-link">Globus Web App</a>
[Globus Web App](
using your My.UNL credentials (choose *University of
Nebraska-Lincoln* from the drop down menu).  Next, install the
Globus Connect Personal app on your laptop (directions for
<a href="" class="external-link">Mac OS X</a>,
<a href="" class="external-link">Linux</a>,
[Mac OS X](,
<a href="" class="external-link">Windows</a>)
so that you can begin using Globus to transfer data to and from your
......@@ -5,10 +5,6 @@ description = "HCC Spring Workshop UNO 2016."
**When**: 12:30 pm - 15:00 pm, March 11, 2016
**Where**:  <span style="color: rgb(91,91,90);">UNO, Criss Library Room
Link**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
**Where**: UNO, Criss Library Room 249
**Quick Link**[](
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -3,7 +3,9 @@ title = "Instructions for 5/20/16 Allinea Workshop"
description = "Instructions for 5/20/16 Allinea Workshop."
<span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">When: May 20th, 1-2:30PM</span> <span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">Where: UNL AVH 347 and UNO PKI 250</span>
When: May 20th, 1-2:30PM
Where: UNL AVH 347 and UNO PKI 250
### Untar the files for the examples
......@@ -34,20 +36,16 @@ these instructions to setup the Allinea client on your laptop.
First, download and install the remote client software for either
Windows or OS X
from <a href="" class="external-link">this page</a>.
from [this page](
Start the Allinea software, and choose *Configure...* from the *Remote
Launch* dropdown menu.
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/configure.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" width="300" height="78" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/configure.png" width="300" height="78" class="img-border">}}
Click the *Add* button on the new window.
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/add.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" width="400" height="322" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/add.png" width="400" height="322" class="img-border">}}
To setup a connection to Crane, fill in the fields as follows:
*Connection Name:  *Crane
......@@ -56,8 +54,7 @@ To setup a connection to Crane, fill in the fields as follows:
It should appear similar to this:
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/filledfields.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" width="500" height="306" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/filledfields.png" width="500" height="306" class="img-border">}}
Be sure to replace *demo02* with your HCC username.
......@@ -81,14 +78,12 @@ ln -s $WORK/.allinea $HOME/.allinea
To test the connection, choose *Crane* from the *Remote Launch* menu.
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/remoteLaunch.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" width="300" height="114" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/remoteLaunch.png" width="300" height="114" class="img-border">}}
A* Connect to Remote Host* dialog will appear and prompt for a password.
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/password.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" width="500" height="310" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/password.png" width="500" height="310" class="img-border">}}
The login procedure is the same as for PuTTY or any other SSH program.
 Enter your HCC password followed by the Duo login.
If the login was successful, you should see *Connected to:
......@@ -119,14 +114,12 @@ ddt --connect
On your local machine, a pop-up box should appear prompting you to
accept the Reverse Connect request.
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/reverse.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-content-image-border" width="450" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/reverse.png" width="450" class="img-border">}}
Choose *Accept.*  The *Remote Launch *section should change to indicate
you are connected via tunnel, similar to:
class="confluence-embedded-file-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size"><img src="/images/tunnel.png" class="confluence-embedded-image confluence-thumbnail confluence-content-image-border" width="250" /></span>
{{< figure src="/images/tunnel.png" width="250" class="img-border">}}
Once that happens, Reverse Connect is working successfully and a
debugging or profiling session can be started.
title = "OSG Workshop UNL 2016"
description = "OSG Workshop UNL 2016."
**When**: January 6-8, 2016
**Where**:  UNL Campus, Avery Hall 119
Link**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
**Etherpad**: no longer supported
Lesson**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
Lesson**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
Lesson**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
**Open Science Grid
Lesson**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
title = "SWC Workshop, July 14-15, 2016"
description = "SWC Workshop, July 14-15, 2016."
**When**: July 14-15, 2016
**Where**: UNO Campus, PKI 160
Link**<a href="" class="external-link"></a>
**Etherpad**: no longer supported
**Shell Lesson**: <span
style="color: rgb(24,54,145);"><a href="" class="external-link"></a></span>
**Git Lesson**: <span
style="color: rgb(24,54,145);"><a href="" class="external-link"></a></span>
**HCC Lesson**: [pdf](
**MatLab Demo**: [matlab](
**Python Lesson**: <span
style="color: rgb(24,54,145);"><a href="" class="external-link"></a></span>
title = "XSEDE Big Data, Nov. 2016"
description = "XSEDE Big Data, Nov. 2016."
When:   November 1st, 2016
Where:  Hardin Hall 901, UNL East Campus
             3310 Holdrege St., Lincoln, 68583
<a href="" class="external-link">Details</a><a href="" class="external-link"></a>
Etherpad (no longer supported)
| Agenda |   |
| 10:00 | Welcome |
| 10:25 | Intro to Big Data |
| 10:45 | Hadoop |
| 12:00 | Lunch break |
| 1:00 | Spark intro |
| 3:15 | A Big Big Data Platform |
| 4:00 | Adjourn |
title = "XSEDE OpenACC, Dec. 2016"
description = "XSEDE OpenACC, Dec. 2016."
When:   December 6th, 2016
Where:  Animal Science C210, UNL East Campus
            3940 Fair St., Lincoln, 68583
<a href="" class="external-link">Details</a>
<a href="" class="external-link">Exercises</a>
Etherpad (no longer supported)
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